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Welcome to Zhuhai Dezi Construction Materials Co., Ltd! We are a leading company specializing in the supply of GRC/GRG/GRP/UHPC materials.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, resulting in exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide custom-tailored GRC/GRG/GRP/UHPC solutions globally, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence in the construction materials industry.

How We Work?


First Contact

We initiate the process by discussing project requirements, complexities, and client aspirations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs.


Research & Design Support

We conduct through research, including material properties, structural loading and cost control. We provide design development including PSD/MSD/FSD after contract.



When the design drawings are confirmed, we will first make a mock up sample for customer confirmation, and then proceed to mass production. The production process is strictly in accordance with ASTM/BS standards.


Supply and Delivery

We prioritize proper supply and delivery to the site, emphasizing its importance for project success. DeZi ensures timely material delivery, and provide project management and technical support when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are requiring the concept drawing, construction drawing and 3D model for material description, color, texture and specification, BOQ list, so we can provide a accurate quote.

 The durability of GRC/GRG/GRP mataterial is at least 15 years, and UHPC could last at least 30 years after testing. GRC buildings from the 1970s can still be seen all over Europe today. We supply 2 years warranty and provide maintenance materials  afterward if necessary.

Yes, sample could be send as customer’s request. We provide material sample (color and texture reference) and mock up as per customer’s drawing.

The material supply only could be priority to be suggested, as the construction arrangement including of the working visa, accommodation etc. from us can take plenty of time & cost. However, we can provide your consultant service of construction management & installation if necessary.

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