GRC/GFRC Material

GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is an advanced construction material that combines the strength of concrete with the versatility of glass fibers. It is widely used in various architectural applications due to its exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal.

GFRC finds its application in a wide range of projects, including building facades,  wall panels, garden landscapes, and interior designs. Its lightweight composition and excellent tensile strength make it an ideal choice for creating intricate and complex designs that traditional concrete materials cannot achieve.

Key Features


GRC is lighter than concrete due to its thin skin, making it easier to handle and comply with manual handling regulations. For instance, a 100mm thick precast concrete panel weighs 240kg/m2, while a similar GRC panel weighs only 40-50kg/m2.


GRC offers design flexibility and can replicate various architectural styles and materials, such as stone, slate, terracotta, and marble. Unlike expensive carved stonework, GRC can achieve intricate surface details, matching the appearance of stonework while being easier to handle and install due to its thin sections.

Cost Effective

GRC products offer cost-effective solutions due to reduced handling, transport, and fixing expenses, despite potentially higher manufacturing costs compared to concrete. Overall savings can be achieved when considering these factors.

Corrosive And Rot Proof

GRC products are corrosion-resistant as they don’t contain mild steel reinforcement. They are durable, unaffected by external exposure, resistant to rot, and immune to UV light.

Hidden And Easy Installation

Our mounting principles focus on hidden installation without visible screws, minimizing loose parts and simplifying the mounting process. Our elements are easy to install and require no technical maintenance.


Most GRC formulations meet UK and EU non-combustible standards. Polymer GRC is classified as Class O, adhering to British Building Regulations.

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