How is GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Made?


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GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a versatile and widely used construction material known for its durability and flexibility in design. This article will explore the process of manufacturing GFRC, its raw materials, and introduce Dezi Construction, a reliable manufacturer of GFRC products.

1. The Raw Materials of GFRC:

GFRC is composed of several key ingredients, each contributing to its unique properties:

Portland Cement: The primary binding agent in GFRC, Portland cement provides strength and durability.

Fine Aggregates: Materials such as sand and silica provide texture and improve the concrete’s workability.

Water: Water is essential for the chemical reactions that lead to the hardening of the concrete.

Admixtures: Various chemicals and additives can be included to enhance properties like workability, curing, and surface finish.

Alkali-Resistant (AR) Glass Fibers: These thin, high-strength fibers serve as the reinforcement in GFRC. They enhance tensile and flexural strength while minimizing cracking.

2. Three Manufacturing Processes:

GFRC can be produced through three main manufacturing processes:

A. Spray-Up:

In the Spray-Up process, a dry mix of cement and fine aggregates is combined with AR glass fibers. This mixture is pneumatically sprayed onto molds or forms. A surface coat is applied first, followed by multiple layers for added strength and thickness. Spray-Up is ideal for complex shapes and curved surfaces.

B. Premix:

The Premix process involves creating a slurry by combining cement, fine aggregates, water, and admixtures. AR glass fibers are then added to this slurry. This mixture is poured into molds and compacted using vibration or pressing. Premix is preferred for flat and relatively simple shapes.

C. Hybrid:

The Hybrid process combines elements of both Spray-Up and Premix. It starts with a Spray-Up layer for the surface coat, followed by a Premix layer for structural reinforcement. This approach is suitable for projects that require a combination of complex shapes and structural integrity.

3. Introduction of Dezi Construction:

Dezi Construction is a renowned manufacturer of GFRC products with a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Established in 1998, Dezi Construction has consistently delivered exceptional GFRC solutions for a wide range of architectural and construction projects.

Key highlights of Dezi Construction:

Expertise: Dezi Construction boasts a team of skilled engineers and craftsmen who are experts in GFRC manufacturing and design.

Customization: They offer tailored GFRC solutions to meet specific project requirements, ensuring flexibility in design and functionality.



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